Marketing Account Executive:

Professional Client Representation
Professional Client Acquisition
Daily Territory Management
Attend and Contribute to Morning Meetings and Brainstorming Sessions
Retail Customer Service
Working one on one with consumers

Management Training

Work With Diverse Professionals At Every Level
Build Teammate Capabilities and Retention
Create Results for Our Company, Clients and Customers
Develop Territory Management
Cultivate Supply Chain
Create Promotional Marketing Concepts for New and Existing Clients
Portfolio Management
Learn Inventory, Financial and Banking Processes
Learn Administrative Duties
Set and Achieve Client and Account Goal


  The right candidate(s) must have the following:

Excellent work ethic
Strong student mentality
A drive for success
The ability to work successfully in a friendly, collaborative team environment
A desire for growth and advancement in a fast-moving entrepreneurial culture
If you feel you may be the ideal candidate for this position, please email your resume.

We understand that sometimes looking for a new career can be a double-edged sword when you don't have the right experience, too much experience, or even none at all. If you are a college graduate, or simply looking for a change of pace from your current situation, please do not hesitate to submit your resume!

We appreciate a diverse environment, and provide training for those candidates with the right attitude and the willingness to learn!
  Founded in 2007, Signature is a dynamic marketing and advertising company boasting an impressive list of demographically widespread and diverse clients. Our goals are to connect our clients to businesses, customers and the community.

We accomplish this by providing unparalleled advertising campaigns that reach our clients' target markets without costing them thousands of dollars in back-end expenses. Our portfolio is stocked full of high profile clients who come to us because we provide innovative and personalized advertising campaigns, putting our clients brand in the forefront of the market.

We specialize in brand development and enhancement, outside sales, campaign development, and community involvement. Our expertise in the industry increases consumer awareness and bridges the gap between our clients and their customers.

Our aim is to ultimately drive in business and of our clients’ products and services while providing value and growth to their desired customer base.

Our mission is to build connections between our clients and their potential customer base by creating a standard of excellence and providing top notch service while, fostering our teams' growth through a rewarding and progressive environment.